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Skin Purging Vs Break Out

It is difficult to tell the two apart because they are both acne! So let us begin.


Have you just started out on your natural skincare journey? If yes, you may experience breakouts and/or irritation within the first few days of usage. 

We call this the ‘purge’. Your skin is trying to make the adjustment to natural products.

Let us explain! Take for example a body detox: When you cut processed foods from your diet and switch to natural, whole and organic foods, you will feel worse at first then start feeling better. All those toxins you ate for years will start to float around in your bloodstream, causing horrible symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and even mild depression. As these toxins make their way out of your system, the nutrient and antioxidant-rich foods you have replaced them with will take charge and start to increase your energy levels, boost your immune system and leave you feeling much healthier.

Same concept with skin purging. Unnatural products serve to cover up underlying problems or act as quick fixes. And many of them are quite fast-acting. When you treat your skin to natural products, the ingredients are absorbed into your skin, flushing out any residual toxins. So when you do start that new routine you will notice small pimples. Don’t panic! These are the toxins making their way out.


Purging is most common with products that work towards clearing/fighting acne, detoxifying and exfoliating. Like our Banana Soap and Turmeric Soap are formulated to fight acne and control sebum production. Clogged pores (clogged by dead skin cells, oil or dirt) form a microcomedone and this will eventually become acne. It can take anywhere from a couple days to several weeks for a clogged pore to surface as a pimple. Products that physically exfoliate your skin like Salt Soap, Activated Charcoal Soap, Kojic Soap, Rice Soap speed up the cell turnover process, meaning they speed up the process of a microcomedone manifesting as a pimple.

The happy news is skin purges do not last long. Once the pimples clear up, your skin will be healthier and smoother.


Breakouts are blemishes that recur on a regular basis, and are a result of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet. A skin purge will typically occur shortly after beginning a new product and will gradually improve with continued use. Keen to note also is skin purge acne will appear in areas where you tend to be oilier, or where you have clogged pores, (e.g., the T-Zone).


A skin reaction differs from normal breakouts because it comes about as a direct result of using a certain product or ingredient. Unlike skin purging, which is a temporary skin detox, a skin reaction means your skin is sensitive or allergic to ingredients in the product you’re using.

If your skin looks redder and more irritated than “normal”, you are likely having a skin reaction and should stop using the product immediately. If your irritation or acne continues for several weeks after starting product use, it’s also likely a skin reaction and you should stop using the product immediately.


Acne from the purge shouldn’t last for longer than a month. Your skin may seem to be breaking out worse than before but stick with it. There are brighter days after the purge! Continuous use of the natural products will ensure all the toxins are drawn out and your skin clears up. Resulting in that healthy glow you’ve been yearning for.

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