Did You Know Pregnancy Stretch Marks Could Be Genetic?

We call them “stripes of war”. Some wear them proudly as a “badge of motherhood.” Most really do not want to talk about them.

What causes them?

Stretch marks are tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skins. Whether or not you get them has a lot to do with genetics. Chances are, if your mother had them, you probably will too, but if she sailed through her pregnancies with smooth skin intact, then lucky you!

Pregnancy weight gain can also make you more prone to getting stretch marks. Darker-skinned women are less likely to have stretch marks than those who are fair-skinned. They are also much less visible on darker skin.

What can I do about stretch marks when I’m pregnant?

  • Moisturize. Although no stretch mark cream is a miracle cure, using an organic moisturizer like Shea Butter definitely helps with the dryness and itchy skin associated with pregnancy. Our yummy Whipped Body Butter comes in two different flavours – GrapeFruit & Orange and Lavender & Tea Tree
  • Nourish your skin from the inside. Eating plenty of Vitamin C rich food may also help keep your skin toned and less subject to stretch marks.
  • Watch your weight. Keep an eye on that scale during pregnancy and put your pounds on slowly and steadily instead of in big spurts. Keep in mind that eating for two doesn’t mean literally eating twice as much, lol.

Can I prevent stretch marks?

Unfortunately, no. There is no proven way to stop them from appearing. Remember your skin is stretching to accommodate that beautiful little human. So don’t spend so much on unproven therapies or miracle cures (save that for post-delivery spa treatments!).

After baby comes the stretch marks will fade with time and you can help return your skin’s elasticity by moisturizing well with nature’s best – Shea Butter. Meanwhile, please try and wear them with pride, darlings!

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