Interesting Akusi Products for Moms to be.

There’s not a more anxious time as being expectant. With experiencing some of the downsides to pregnancy like stretch marks, weight gain, sensitive or drier than usual skin. So here are our favorite Akusi Products for moms-to-be!

There is even more anxiety about what skincare products are safe to use. But do not despair, we’ve created this handy guide to some of our best selling Akusi products perfect for pregnancy and postpartum self care!

Avocado Soap

Hormonal acne is a real issue for many women during pregnancy and postpartum, so it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your sensitive skin with natural products that won’t be harsh or drying. Our 100% Avocado soap will leave your skin feeling cleansed, moisturized and rejuvenated. This unscented bar is perfect for mamas (and babes!) with sensitive skin.

Shea Butter Soap

Still on the drier than usual mallachy! Shea Butter Soap is our most gentle soap yet. Great for baby and mummy too. Made from Shea Butter, it leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Its uses are not limited, it is an excellent cleanser for eczema and psoriasis prone skin.

Lavender & Tea Tree Body Butter

Made with Nilotic Shea Butter, Lavender & Tea Tree Essentials oils and lots of love! Shea Butter body is perfect for reducing the chance of stretch marks as well as fading them.  A little goes a long way to help skin stay thoroughly moisturized.  This essential oil combination of lavender and tea tree adds a nice floral scent which is gentle and soothing on skin.

Peppermint Lipbalm

Yummy and minty peppermint blended with cocoa butter and beeswax! Need we say more?

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