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How I used and still use Coffee for Cellulite

This one is very close to home. I found a solution in using coffee for cellulite.

Women have the worst body image issues ever, what with cellulite, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, eye-bags…..You name it, we hate it!

Some of it we can change, most of it we cannot. And we should wear our flaws with pride!

So how about we just embrace these alleged flaws and manage them where we can? This endless quest for perfection will be the end of our bank accounts and most importantly the end of us!

After I had my first child my body bounced right back. It was firmness all round. But after my second child, I noticed huge changes in my skin elasticity, saw those unsightly cellulite dimples everywhere on my thighs. Oh, the infinite horror! Cellulite! Those lumpy, fat deposits on the thighs, hips, stomach! I cannot begin to describe the number hours of I spent at the gym. I could squat 120kgs on the Smith Machine, easy! It helped quite a bit, yes it did. I however could not keep up with going to the gym – life happens.

When I did my research my fears were aptly allayed. I found out that cellulite has various causes – genetics, diet, lack of exercise and others proven and mythical. 🙂 And it is different for everyone. Some can reduce cellulite appearance through exercise, some can watch what they eat, some get massages that help reduce it, some just don’t have any, and the best ones do not mind it at all!

That is when I turned to coffee. Coffee works for me (and no, this is not a shameless plug to sell more Coffee Soap or Kahawa Scrub). I started out using Coffee Soap in the shower twice a week. Then increased that to four times a week once I noticed quite a bit of difference.

You see, the dilation of blood vessels as you massage with the bar of soap, dilates blood vessel improving the blood flow and eliminating excess water making the skin feels tighter too. But that is not all….Coffee also lightly exfoliates leaving radiant glowing skin.

Don’t take my word for it, ask Ethiopians about this well kept secret of theirs.

Love Kiki.

coffee scrub soap for cellulite
kahawa body scrub made from high grade kenyan coffee

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