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No-Shave 2020! Growing & maintaining that beard!

It is No-Shave 2020 fellas! Growing and maintaining that beard is what’s in. No clipping, cutting, snipping, trimming, plucking, or shaving of any kind in or around the beard this year. Tell your barber you will see him never! Well, after a while.

For the beard-blessed you might be looking to grow it out. Perhaps there are inexplicable patches. Maybe you just want a healthier beard. Or it has gotten itchy and you want to chop it all off!

Yes, we know you have been down that rabbit hole sifting through YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Pinterest, looking for sure fire ways of growing and maintaining your beard. Look no further, mate. Akusi Organics to the rescue!

For the beard-less, perhaps it isn’t your portion or have you tried growing one? If you have the potential or genes for it, why not?

As a result of lengthy research and testing we finally came up with a kit to sort your hairy issues out. Something to cleanse, moisturize and accelerate growth. A kit to make sure that you are on the other side of beard envy.

Beard Bar – Cleanse your beard with our Beard Bar packed with Rosemary & Peppermint goodness. Cleansing without drying out.

Beard Balm – Silky smooth balm that has Rosemary which stimulates hair growth, slows aging signs and controls beard dandruff. Peppermint results in stimulation for better blood circulation and an increase in blood flow which helps bring more nutrients to the hair follicle, allowing your beard to grow in fuller, healthier and faster. Best used during the day.

Beard Oil – Contains a mixture of oils including Rosemary, Peppermint and Bergamot Essential Oils. It stimulates growth and fullness. Best used at night.

Beard Brush – Stimulates blood flow to your follicles and evenly distributes product. Daily use results in even growth and taming of any stray hairs.

With Beard comes great responsibility!

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